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      About Us

      • About Us

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        • Better Industrial Automation Technology Co.,Ltd.
        • Service hotline:400-0633-085
        • Mobile:+86-19806333196
        • Mobile:+86-19862318099
        • E-mail:BetterAutomation@163.com
        • Company Address:No.388 Shanhai Road,Rizhao

      About Us

            Rizhao Donggang Baite Industrial Automation Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2012, is an automatic stone equipment manufacturer integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales.
             Based on the innovative spirit of "no best, only better" and the business philosophy of "integrity, innovation and service", the company has successively applied for more than 20 national patents, registered the trademark of "jubaite", established its own brand advantages, and made every effort to promote the healthy and rapid development of the enterprise.
             The company has a mature R & D team of automation equipment technology, perfect production system and excellent sales and after-sales service talents. In recent years, the company has continuously introduced advanced R & D and production technology, and has successively developed the following products: full-automatic loading and unloading manipulator, full-automatic stone plate burning equipment, full-automatic curb stone chamfering and rounding machine, automatic stair step grooving and rounding equipment, stone cleaning, protection, drying equipment, full-automatic water washing and grinding equipment, automatic blind stone wire drawing machine A series of practical and patented stone equipment such as special suction cups for stone.
            Due to its novel product design, excellent performance, safety, reliability and high degree of automation, the company has achieved very good sales performance in China. At the same time, the products are also sold to foreign stone production areas such as Canada, India, Malaysia and Thailand, which are deeply affirmed and praised by our customers.
            While building product value, the company will develop towards the direction of product "diversification, high technology and high quality", constantly innovate and forge ahead. On the road of professional stone equipment manufacturing, Baite is willing to go hand in hand with you for win-win cooperation

      Service hotline

      0086-400-0633-085       19806333196      19862318099

      Company Address:No.388 Shanhai Road,Rizhao

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